What is the Best Solution for an On Demand Taxi App in Brazil?

The Brazilian market is ripe with opportunities, and an On Demand Taxi App could be your golden ticket to success. Many entrepreneurs want to make the most of this opportunity by partnering with local drivers. Meanwhile, you can make your app more user-friendly. Let’s learn in detail.


Brazil’s On Demand Taxi App Industry has grown tremendously in recent years. Apps like Uber, 99, and Easy Taxi have presented themselves as customer-friendly to the user by offering convenience, reliability, and safety. To offer and excel easily, your taxi app should have certain features to become the best solution for Brazil’s On Demand Taxi App.

On-Demand Taxi App Features

As mentioned earlier, three taxi apps are currently in the Brazilian market today. Each of them is going head-to-head with a different business model. Moreover, the admin panel supports any user and driver app to take care of business analytics carefully. Technically, it would be best to not miss anything to give your competitors lost drivers or customers. Consider the following features that must be present in your On Demand Taxi App.

Face ID and Fingerprint Login

As a new business, you can market your app with the much more secure features of face identification and biometric authentication. The iPhone app should have a Face ID, and the Android app should have a fingerprint to keep both users happy.

Driver Reward Feature

Add a reward feature that correlates with the number of good reviews. Reaching a certain number unlocks a reward for the driver. You can easily get more advanced bookings by keeping the driver on their best behavior.

Back-to-Back Trips

You aim to keep your drivers as busy as you can. The back-to-back feature allows the driver to accept a new trip request in advance while still on the existing one. The app algorithm will inform the driver nearby about completing the trip, offering more chances to earn without going rogue.

Wallet Integration

Apart from cash and credit/debit card features, your On Demand Taxi App can opt for an additional payment feature. Wallets are handy when the bank servers are down. They are quick and agile and can function in poor networks, too. Moreover, having a wallet makes the app more reliable as well.

Video Call Option

The 5G network in Brazil provides coverage to around 45% of the population, i.e., people can easily video call each other. Therefore, your app should also have a video call option available, apart from VoIP and text messages when necessary.

Types of Taxis in Brazil

From a sedan to a hatchback, everyone has different needs when choosing a taxi. The same goes for airports, metro lines, and major public places. Going from one place to another, whether in a group or solo, demands different types of taxis. Therefore, your business should cover them all. When someone opts to book a taxi, every type of option should be presented with quotes.

Furthermore, yellow taxis partnering with your business in Brazil should be checked thoroughly. If you plan to hire private vehicles, try to categorize them by availability. Whether it’s corporate, carpool, or rental, the best thing is to have an option present with available drivers to take the lead. You can even mark the vehicles in your admin panel to gain better customer analytics. After a month, a heatmap feature will guide you in the right direction as per the bookings made. Technically, you can see the areas where most of the bookings are made, which will prepare you to move your driver early to get bookings.

Your taxi business must be launched with every platform ready for incoming registrations. Once live, you will get much feedback on UI/UX and glitches. This is where the real work starts. Post-launch maintenance is part of the budget and must be taken care of by a professional white-label firm.

Upgrades and Bug Support with Licensed Source Code

Entering a market with peer knowledge is a good approach. However, implementing it the right way makes a difference in profit margins. Most entrepreneurs opt for custom development, which takes almost a year if started from scratch. But what happens when you skip the development phase itself and invest in a pre-built application? Well, the answer is simple.

Instead, choose a mobile app development company that offers white-labeling as well. Remember that it must also offer an On Demand Taxi App. With a ready-made taxi app solution, you can test it on different devices. Once it is done, test another one until you find the right one for your business. Afterward, contact the experts at the white-labeling firm and confirm whether the offered user and driver apps are licensed. Moreover, they should also offer upgrades after the launch as well.

In other words, the natively developed user and driver apps will be customized by the white-label firm as per your business information. Your business name, logo, color, and other technical information are now shared via an NDA. Therefore, checking the client testimonials before you finalize anything is best. If everything is done per the timeline, you will have your app live on the Google Play and App Store in 1-2 weeks.


Brazil’s race to become the top taxi service is steady because of the rise of government taxi apps. However, the business that benefits the driver makes more money at the end of the day. To become a taxi industry leader, it’s best to start early and see the results. With overflowing feedback coupled with thoughtful implementation into the app’s architecture, your business is aiming for the most satisfied customers.