What is Speechify? Key Features, Pros & Cons

We are all busy in our daily routines. We hardly find time to sit down and read irrespective of our profession. Whether we are a student or a professional trying to keep track of industry news, we all are highly occupied. Hence, it is becoming tough for us to find time for leisure. This is the reason a platform like Speechify has emerged.

This is an AI-powered text-to-speech app that is designed to transform written content into spoken words. It allows users to absorb information on the go.

Let us explore the features, benefits as well as the potential drawbacks of Speechify to help you decide whether it is the right tool for you.

What is Speechify

Speechify is an innovative text-to-speech app and it is based on artificial intelligence (AI) that helps in converting written text into spoken words.

It can easily read various formats including PDFs, articles and physical books. It is an invaluable tool for busy individuals and especially for those who are constantly on the move. The Speechify Chrome extension is an added advantage to listen directly from the browser.

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Key Features of Speechify

  • The primary feature of Speechify is its ability to convert written text into spoken words to help users to listen to their reading materials instead of reading by themselves.
  • The Speechify Chrome extension is highly helpful as users can listen to web page content directly from their browser. Hence, online reading becomes more accessible and more convenient with it.
  • The AI Voice Studio of Speechify offers a range of voice-related services like voice cloning, transcription and AI dubbing. As an aftermath, this gives users the ability to customize their listening experience.
  • This tool allows users to convert any text into an audiobook. This is an additional interesting feature that expands reading horizons and optimizes learning experience.

Speechify Pros and Cons


  • By allowing users to listen to their reading materials while multitasking, This tool enhances productivity as well as efficiency.
  • Speechify makes content more accessible for individuals with visual impairments, dyslexia or for those who simply prefer audio over text.
  • It caters to a diverse range of users and the tool is versatile for any situation.
  • The Speechify login process is easy, simple and fast.


  • Even though Speechify excels at converting text to speech, it is learned that a stable internet connection is required to function properly. This may turn up as a challenge for users who are having limited or unreliable web access.
  • This Text to speech tool offers a plethora of voices and some of these sounds less engaging.
  • The tool is not completely free. A premium plan is required to access all the features.

Is Speechify Value for Money

It is highly debated whether Speechify is value for money as a premium plan is required to unlock all the features. It is doubtless that the tool is versatile and convenient.

Speechify highly helpful for those who seek to optimize their reading experience. Well, the premium plan looks costly, but some justify it based on its offline reading capabilities and time-saving features.

Speechify Login

With Speechify Login, accessing cutting-edge text-to-speech technology has never been easier. With the power of AI, Speechify Login seamlessly transforms written text into spoken words.

This Text to speech tool offers a revolutionary approach to learning, It reads equally well texts from PDFs, articles and physical books. It means it can handle various formats effortlessly.

Speechify Login requires the registered email ID and the password that was set while signing up. The ‘Remember Me’ feature is effective and works well across all devices. This reduces the Speechify login process each time you want it to read texts.

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Speechify Chrome extension

The Speechify Chrome extension is one of the primary reasons for it being value for money. It is a gateway to effortless learning right from the browser.

The Speechify Chrome extension seamlessly integrates reads aloud the texts of a website using its innovative text-to-speech technology. It simplifies the process of converting written text into spoken words.

Chrome extension  can read various formats including PDFs. It is perfect for those who are seeking efficiency and flexibility in their learning journey. The Speechify Chrome extension offers unparalleled convenience.

How Speechify will be Perfect for You

Speechify is an excellent tool for those who are busy and are always doing different things. If you are someone who is always on the move, it is the best companion.

You can utilize your time wisely on the go. You can listen to your reading materials while doing other tasks. It helps you to become more productive by letting you do two things at once.

If you are learning a new language, this tool can be highly helpful. It can improve your listening skills as well as teach you say words in the new language. Hence, it can be perfect for those who are trying to learn a new language, it is like having a friend who speaks the language fluently.

It is simultaneously a great help for people who have trouble seeing or reading. If you have a hard time seeing things or if you have dyslexia, the tool can read loud for you.

You can enjoy all kinds of text including books, articles or even emails. If you are a student or a professional, it can help you keep up with your studies or stay informed about what is happening in your field. It makes reading faster and easier.

Having a stable internet connection is what required using the basic version of Speechify smoothly. At least the basic version requires it. However, premium users can enjoy listening to the texts even without an internet connection.

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Speechify is a magical tool equipped with AI-based text-to-speech feature and definitely represents the future of reading. It is easily accessible with convenience and efficiency. This tool perfect for students as well as professionals.

It is perfect for lifelong learner and who fail to find ample time from busy schedules to read. Speechify offers a gateway to a world of knowledge just at fingertips or with a click on Speechify Chrome extension.

In this article we tried to Explore the tool and features as well. In the pros and cons segment we learned it has more advantages than disadvantages.

Pro Tip:  If budget permits, buying the pro version is suggested. It will open up a plethora of features including offline reading.