What Are the Latest Features of App Like Uber?

Uber Clone App has yet again taken center-stage because of its newly launched features including Intercity Rides, Corporate Bookings, etc. These stellar add-ons are among the finest that has ever been coded into this script. Users are expressing delight and gratitude that is beyond human’s perception because everything is now available at their fingertips. All that they need is a smartphone and a good internet connection.

On-demand taxi booking app’s intercity rides empowers users to pick a cab that matches their budget and time. They just have to login using fingerprints or face IDs and select the nearby city from the list displayed on the app. Once all the necessary decisions have been made, rider can choose to pay online and share ride details with family.

Corporate Bookings, in simple language, means when an organization pays for the official visits of its employees. To avail the benefit of this feature, the user has to first create a corporate account with this Taxi app. Then, the app owner has to verify this account and upon approval, rider can reap the benefits of it.

Uber Clone Script has been encoded with another profound and all-embracing feature of Taxi rentals! Customers no longer have to hunt down taxi drivers at odd hours and give in to their extremely high tariffs! Because everything is digital now! Users can use their smartphones to rent a cab either on an hourly basis or based on the distance covered.

Next in queue is a feature that authorizes the customer to bargain the price for the ride even before booking it. In return, the taxi drivers can either accept it or send a counter offer. The user books the cab only when mutually agreed fare is decided. This has definitely broken the glass ceiling of fixed fares and how it was imposed on customers.

App like Uber now facilitates rider to book a cab using ones iWatch! Yes, I’m not even bluffing! User has to just ensure that the iPhone is connected to the smart watch. And then ride can be booked in just a simple few taps! Not only this, the customer can even pay online using iWatch.

In any case, for each ride taken, entrepreneur earns commission which is a percentage of the total fare charged. That is why, app owner strives hard to keep on introducing new features and strategies to increase taxi rides.

Taxi Pool is where multiple riders share a cab that is going in the same direction, taking the same route. Driver ends up making more, and the site owner is even happier with the higher quantum of commission received.

One such policy is Back-to-Back Rides wherein the taxi driver can accept another ride request during the ongoing ride. This ensures that no time is wasted in searching for new requests and time is utilized to the fullest. And to motivate drivers to work harder, a reward program has established. Based on the number of completed trips and positive reviews, a badge will be awarded to the driver. And then, according to the badge, the taxi driver will be entitled to certain rewards.

There is another stream of revenue generation for entrepreneurs. It is by allowing social media giants like Facebook and Google to publish its advertisements on Uber clone app. This ad Integration feature has come in handy.

It is of immense priority for the site owner to ensure privacy for both the customer and the service provider. That is why Call Masking feature was introduced which hides the real calling number of either of the individuals. Once the cab is booked, rider can chat with the taxi driver using the in-built chat option. But there’s more! Now, Users can even video call the drivers to communicate with them.


Uber Clone Script is your golden goose and has the potential to change the contours of your life, for good! It is jam-packed with avant-garde features that shall leave you in sheer amazement. Did you know that riders can send their live location of their cab to their family members and close friends only so that they track the users in real-time? Indeed! It is all true! Safety is of paramount importance to the entrepreneurs.