Web Design Trends 2024: What to Expect Next?

Trends change year by year; what’s popular today becomes old news in the future. Web design is no longer about creating visually appealing pages; rather, it’s more about understanding your user’s journey and crafting better experiences each time they land on your website.

As a web designer, you need to leverage these trends because first impressions are related to website design. So, if your website is not visually appealing, don’t expect users to stay on it.

In this blog post, we will study in detail about 8 hottest web design trends that will dominate in 2024 to help you create high-quality progressive web applications.

8 Hottest Web Design Trends You Should Watch in 2024

1. UX-focused design

One of the most important trends in web designing is focusing on UX. As user expectations continue to grow year by year, the emphasis of web designers is not only creating a website that is loaded with information but also provides an exciting experience to them.

UX-focused design starts with understanding the user’s journey, studying their behavior, and identifying their preferences. It’s not confined to displaying products visually on the website.

By creating user personas, designers can better understand the expectations of target users and create a product that serves their needs.

Ultimately, the main goal of a business is to get more leads and conversions, and that’s possible when every website element is designed keeping the user in mind.

Every element on your website ranging from navigation, animation, or videos should gauge the visitor’s interest within a few seconds.

2. Parallax scrolling

94% of your first impressions come from the layout and design of your website. If you want users to engage with your website, you need to catch their attention by creating a well-designed website.

People these days mindlessly scroll websites and apps, so scrolling has become an acceptable practice.

Of course, the Parallax effect is not new in the current era, as it was already in popularity 10 years ago. This time, it is coming back with new twists as it is not limited to static designs and imagery.

Parallax scrolling is going to become the biggest trend in 2024 because customers want to spend time on a site that tells a story.

You can add a background video that plays as and when the user scrolls. The focus of the parallax effect is to excite users and provide interactive experiences for them. As it creates visual effects, it helps you to hook your visitors to spend more time on your website.

Website designers these days have added live and video content to provide an enjoyable experience to customers.

3. Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography is present everywhere, whether it’s social media, web design, online ads, or commercials.

When text is combined with animation, it becomes Kinetic or dynamic typography. It is becoming the hottest trend in 2024 by adding motion and animation to your text elements.

Several research studies indicate that when web designers leverage this trend, users tend to stay longer on the webpage.

Designers can provide a memorable viewing experience by experimenting with various typography elements such as rotation, letter scaling, and 3D effects.

In 2024, Kinetic typography will be the central element in web designing by bringing dynamism to design. You can use this typography to delight your visitors once they land on your homepage and present the most important information to them.

Brands can add such effects to create moving calls to action (CTAs) and animated headlines. It is very effective in getting customers to read what you want them to.

4. Bento grid layouts

You might feel that as the name sounds tricky, so does its functionality. However, web designers love using Bento grid UI because it focuses on simplicity and efficiency.

Bento’s grid layout uses grids and boxes to present the content in an easy-to-read format.

Such a layout was inspired by the Japanese Bento box which divides the website content into several compartments or blocks.

This trend is not new as it has been around for many decades. If you want to structure your website in a neat and organized way, then Bento Grid would be a perfect choice for you.

Also, it makes it easy for visitors to navigate your website because the grid layout follows a certain structure.

Unlike the traditional grid system that follows a rigid structure, the Bento grid follows a flexible structure to improve user experience at every level.

Its popularity exploded when Apple used the Bento grid layout for its pages that displayed the iPhone 14 pro and Apple card. After Apple hopped on this trend, other players decided to go with it.

5. Cinemagraphs

Another web design trend that is going to dominate in 2024 is Cinemagraphs.

When minor movements are added to photographs, they become Cinemagraphs. It includes high-quality videos and GIFs that make a big difference to static images. Such effects draw your visitors in and keep them scrolling on your website.

There are various ways in which you can use Cinemagraphs such as creating immersive home pages on websites or adding motion to product images.

If you want to capture the attention of website visitors, Cinemagraphs acts as a powerful tool to draw the attention of visitors to a particular part of the website.

A website designer can use such effects to turn boring pages into playful moments.

You can revolutionize your business by revamping your website. Collaborating with a website development company that has years of expertise in providing responsive web design services gives you a competitive edge.

6. AI-generated imagery

There is an increasing hype of AI-generated imagery in 2024. Earlier, it was challenging for web designers to create visual assets, and relying on stock photos was quite expensive.

With AI-generated tools, designers can come up with dynamic content based on individual preferences.

They can now create customized images by leveraging AI image creation tools such as Adobe Firefly and Midjourney.

Such AI-powered tools not only save their time and effort but also help them connect with their target audience.

So, AI proves to be a game changer for your business as it can improve your visual appeal and functionality of websites.

AI image-generated tools help you create logos, icons, backgrounds, and images for your website.

7. Micro-interactions

The next big trend coming in website design is Micro-interactions. Micro-interactions refer to interactive elements that respond when the user clicks on a website.

These interactions make your product visually appealing and engaging. Such interactions include a simple button, hover effects, slider, toggle switches, rotation of the hamburger menu, etc.

Using such small and interactive elements in your website design creates an emotional impact on the user. Here, users will get involved with visuals and will not act like passive observers.

An exciting example of this website design trend is the New Height podcast website. This website uses micro-interactions that guide the users about what action they are taking. All this leads to an improved user experience.

8. Dark Mode Website

Earlier, web designers used a light background on a website. However, it created challenges on the user side, but not everyone is interested in staring at a bright screen all day. Then came the era of DARK MODE.

Dark-mode websites were already a trend in 2023, but in 2024, their popularity is not going to fade anymore.  

Dark mode means a website with a brighter background and light-colored text. Most website designers have shifted towards creating dark-mode websites because it reduces eye strain for users, especially in low-light environments.

Also, websites with dark backgrounds immediately capture users’ attention and conserve their battery life. Websites with dark mode are helpful for users who spend their entire day/night on various devices.

Thus, dark mode can make your website pop and give a clean and professional look to your website.

Wrapping Up

If you want to make your website stand out and provide unparalleled experiences to visitors, it’s the right time for you to hop on these web design trends.

Adopting these trends from the list mentioned above will make your website more aesthetic, increase your engagement rate, and get you more CTA clicks.

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