Top 5 Plagiarism Checkers for Students

Plagiarism stands as one of the most perilous challenges in the academic landscape, especially in college. The repercussions for plagiarizing academic work can be severe, potentially resulting in failed assignments, expulsion from classes, or even dismissal from college. While the consequences might vary, the importance of combating plagiarism remains non-negotiable.

Thankfully, technology offers a solution: plagiarism checkers. These tools are designed to detect and highlight any instances of copied content, enabling students to rectify and ensure the originality of their work before submission. Here’s an exploration of some prominent plagiarism checkers that can be a saving grace for students:


Grammarly, renowned as a comprehensive writing app, offers a plagiarism checker among its array of advanced features. It swiftly examines documents for replicated content, providing a detailed Plagiarism Report pinpointing areas that need revision. Its free version grants access to essential features, including the plagiarism detector, while the Premium plan unlocks more advanced writing tools.

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Widely favored by professors, Turnitin is a staple in universities for detecting citation errors and improper copying. Integrated into online classroom assignments, it provides a plagiarism score and offers a chance to revise papers before final submission. While a score below 15% is generally considered safe, aiming for under 10% is recommended.


Utilized by over 550 institutions globally, Unicheck swiftly examines papers for plagiarism, highlighting duplicated sections without altering the document’s formatting. Although it requires payment based on the number of pages, its efficiency in maintaining formatting integrity makes it a popular choice.


Similar to Unicheck, Plagramme flags plagiarized content in papers, aiding in immediate rectification. It also corrects citation errors, facilitating the creation of original content. While it requires payment, its services are comparatively more affordable, and students can access a limited free account.

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Plag Tracker

A user-friendly online website, Plag Tracker employs a sophisticated algorithm to compare papers against an extensive academic database. Its report provides links to sources and connections to any plagiarized material. While a premium version is available for larger file checks, the basic plagiarism checker remains free to use.

Each of these plagiarism checkers offers distinct features and benefits, catering to different preferences and requirements. While some come with a price tag, others provide free or partially functional versions for students. Choosing the right one depends on individual needs and budget constraints.