Top 10 Features in Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft has announced that Visual Studio 2022 will be faster, more accessible, and lighter than its previous versions. Visual Studio 2022 will also be a 64-bit application for the first time. The new version of Visual Studio is being designed for both novice learners and seasoned professionals who create solutions on an industrial scale.

The company is updating the user interface to provide a better experience. The new version of Visual Studio has updated icons that are clear, easy to read, and have a better contrast. A new fixed-width font will also be introduced for Cascade code, offering better readability and ligament support.

Top Features of Visual Studio 2022:


.NET MAUI is a cross-platform UI framework that allows developers to create native iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows applications using a single codebase. This means that developers can use the same code to build apps for all these platforms, saving a lot of time and effort.

Enhancing Razor/Blazor Performance with Blazing-Fast Responsiveness:

Razor and Blazor applications are poised for a significant performance boost in Visual Studio 2022. Microsoft has implemented significant memory allocation optimizations during cross-process communications between Visual Studio and the Roslyn compiler. These enhancements were rigorously tested on the OrchardCore solution, yielding remarkable results. Opening the OrchardCore solution and initializing Razor IntelliSense now requires 1.4GB less memory allocation, effectively reducing the garbage collector’s burden and improving responsiveness.

64-bit Visual Studio:

Visual Studio has taken a significant leap forward by introducing 64-bit architecture. This breakthrough allows for substantial improvements in project loading and execution times, enabling developers to tackle projects of any scale with unparalleled performance. As evidenced by the benchmark conducted by Microsoft DevBlogs, Visual Studio 2022 can effortlessly load a hefty project comprising 1,601 projects and 298,326 files, providing developers the power to handle the most demanding development scenarios.

New User Interface:

Visual Studio 2022 incorporates modern UI enhancements, including lighter icons for light and dark mode interfaces, streamlining the overall user experience.

At the core, the aim is to refine the user experience by minimizing complexity, reducing cognitive load, and improving user usability. The new version will encompass:

  • Redesigned icons to enhance clarity, readability, and visual contrast.
  • They are introducing Cascadia Code, a new fixed-width font designed for enhanced readability.
  • Improved and updated themes.
  • It is integrated with Accessibility Insights to identify and address accessibility issues early in the development process, ensuring that software is accessible to all users.
  • Personalize your Visual Studio experience with customizable settings, including the ability to synchronize your preferences across devices seamlessly.


Visual Studio 2022 takes code completion to new heights with its AI-driven capabilities. Developers can now experience seamless code completion that goes beyond traditional IntelliSense, leveraging context-aware AI to suggest and complete entire lines of code based on the specific syntax and structure of the code being written.

Hot Reload:

The revolutionary hot reload feature in Visual Studio 2022 dramatically accelerates development workflows by eliminating the need to rebuild and deploy the application after every code modification. This blazing-fast feature delivers seamless updates to Blazor and Razor projects, ensuring that even changes to CSS files are reflected instantaneously.

All-In-One Search:

One of the most compelling features introduced in Visual Studio 2022 is All-in-One Search. This unified search functionality empowers users to locate anything within their project, including code snippets, files, and references. It also delves into Visual Studio’s vast settings and menus.

Refreshing Visual Studio for Mac:

Visual Studio 2022 marks a significant step towards a personalized .NET IDE crafted specifically for macOS users, promising an exceptional development experience. Our endeavor to transition Visual Studio to a native macOS UI for Mac entails remarkable benefits. It paves the way for enhanced performance and unwavering reliability, ensuring a smooth and efficient development workflow. Moreover, this transformation unlocks Visual Studio’s ability to fully harness the extensive macOS accessibility features, enabling developers with diverse abilities to harness its power seamlessly.


Effortless debugging is at the heart of a developer’s daily routine, and Visual Studio 2022 is poised to elevate this experience with substantial enhancements. The revamped debugger boasts performance improvements, enabling seamless navigation through intricate code structures. Additionally, flame charts within the profiler provide a clear visual representation of performance hotspots, facilitating targeted optimization efforts. Dependent breakpoints, another notable addition, empower developers to pinpoint specific execution paths, ensuring pinpoint debugging accuracy. For scenarios where the source code resides remotely, integrated decompression capabilities enable stepping through code without the hassle of local downloads, streamlining the debugging process.

Edit Markdown Files:

Markdown is an exceptional tool for presenting code snippets while maintaining clear and concise readability. GitHub widely employs it in its README files, and Microsoft embraces it as the standard for Visual Studio documentation. If you’ve ever contributed to open-source projects, chances are you’ve authored or edited a .md file within those repositories.


Beyond its core enhancements, Visual Studio 2022 introduces many new features, including enhanced diagnostics and debugging capabilities, real-time collaboration, an AI-powered IntelliCode engine, asynchronous collaboration tools, and an improved code search function. This comprehensive upgrade marks a significant step forward for the platform, with Microsoft promising a faster, more stable, and lightweight experience than its predecessors.

You can download the latest Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise / Professional Edition version from this link.

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