How to Make Coffee: 6 Ways

Want to make the best coffee at home? Here’s how to make coffee 6 ways: pour over, French press, cold brew, espresso and more!

Over here at A Couple Cooks, we are unashamedly coffee obsessed. It’s not just about caffeine. It’s that cozy feeling when you’re holding a warm, fragrant cup and embrace the promise of a new day. Since research seems to indicate that drinking coffee is A-OK (as long as you’re not overdoing it), we’re passionate about sharing the love of a great cup of joe. Here’s how to make coffee at home: 6 different ways!

And now…how to make coffee!

The journey toward great coffee

I first got into coffee while studying in Spain. In my university building in Madrid, there was a little cafe that served café con leche. The flavor was intense, and perfect mixed with the creamy milk and sugar it was the best I’d ever tasted.

Café con leche was my gateway to trying espresso, that astringent dark bitter liquid in a tiny cup. On our honeymoon to Rome and the Amalfi Coast, Alex and I drank espresso with breakfast and at a little Roman cafes with a pastry. We brought back our new European coffee habit to the US, mainly drinking dark roast coffee like the Italian espresso that we loved.

After a few years, our coffee tastes changed again when we met our neighbors, Sarah and Andy, who run a local coffee roastery Blue Mind Roasting. They taught us about the nuanced flavor of craft medium roast and light roast coffee. At first, light roast tasted oddly floral and almost like tea! But after starting to drink their light and medium roast coffees, we began to appreciate the unique flavors of single origin beans. We’ve been making this coffee in our Chemex every morning ever since (though I’ve since switched to preferring a morning Americano and a mid-morning cold brew!).

After years of cultivating a passion for coffee brewing, we’ve now perfected our six favorite methods. We hope you enjoy these coffee resources and that they help you in your journey. Let us know in the comments below!


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Here are all the best methods for how to make coffee: hot or cold! 

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