Custom Weather Forecast: 4 Reasons Why It is a Smarter Choice

It is hard to put a date to the moment weather forecasting began. This is because the practice dates back so many years ago. However, we can all agree that the practice has been revolutionized at various points in time.

As a result, it has become more reliable. You can read this article to find out more about its history and evolution.

Speaking of its reliability, experience has proven that nothing beats the use of custom weather forecasting solutions. Of course, this is provided the right tools are engaged for this purpose. You will eventually find out why it is better than the general/traditional option if you keep reading.

Advantages of Custom Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

The general/traditional option would cost you very little or nothing. This is because you only need to tune in and listen to the periodic broadcast. However, the question is how reliable this option is.

This is essentially what makes the custom option a lot better. To provide a better perspective, discussed below are reasons why making decisions based on custom weather forecasts is the smarter decision:

Precision & Accuracy

For the record, this is not about undermining how reliable general/traditional weather forecasting is. Rather, it is about making you understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not always make the grade.

For starters, this is because there is such a thing as microclimate. For example, a report can indicate that it is going to be cold in Denver, Colorado. However, the degree of coldness that will be experienced in the city will vary. For instance, Cherry Creek can experience extreme cold while the Central Business District is fairly cold.

The point being established here is that the custom option would better capture the details. This therefore makes it a better choice, particularly for people who need as many details as they can get. The ability to properly take note of localized conditions when providing data is a major reason for this.

For instance, localized conditions such as elevation level and closeness to water bodies will be factored in when supplying results. To find out more about how localized conditions determine these reports at microclimate levels, you can visit:

Timely Alerts

The procedures for providing general weather reports are very systematic. For example, there are timeframes for presenting these reports.

This could be a challenge considering how some people may need reports as soon as possible. Fortunately, this is a huge possibility with custom weather forecasts as the report can be gotten in real-time.

This timely advantage can be very crucial for businesses and individuals that make the most of this option. For example, it can help in coming up with preventive measures that would save money and even properties.

Industry-Specific Aid

Many industries rely on weather forecasting to varying extents. Prime examples include:

  • Construction – Some operations are weather-sensitive and getting industry-specific reporting ensures these operations are performed at the right time.
  • Agriculture – Climate change is making it harder to decipher the right time to perform agricultural activities. Be that as it may, custom weather forecasting helps a lot.
  • Transportation & Logistics – Scheduling, route optimization, fuel efficiency, safety & compliance, and real-time monitoring are some of the ways it helps this industry.
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Emergency Services & Disaster Management – It helps this industry in areas such as evacuation planning, resource allocation, shelter planning, search & rescue operations, risk communication, public awareness, and infrastructure protection.
  • Retail
  • Insurance – Fraud prevention, catastrophe modeling, pricing policies, risk assessment & underwriting, claims management, customer communication, and policyholder education are some of the ways that it helps.

All of the aforementioned and several other industries rely on weather reports to varying degrees. Furthermore, the suitability of provided reports largely depends on how industry-specific provided reports are.

The one-size-fits-all approach of general/traditional weather forecasting therefore presents a challenge. Fortunately, the custom option comes in very handy for this reason. For example, businesses and regulatory authorities in the aviation industry can get real-time reports detailing when it is safe and when it is not safe to fly.

Personalized User Experience

Custom weather forecasts usually make the most of technological advancements. For example, some options work alongside mobile apps that enable users to get information whenever and wherever they are.

Furthermore, the preferences of users can be respected in the process of forecasting. For example, the system can be set to alert a user when the temperature rises or drops to a certain level. The ability to share these reports is another possibility with many options.


Custom weather forecasting is the smarter choice. This is in light of the reasons discussed here and several others.

However, the chances of enjoying the above-discussed benefits and several others are dependent on the tools and solutions engaged. You can learn more about Frost Solutions for more information on this. Furthermore, the right custom weather forecasting solution would be best suited for your industry.

It would also take cognizance of your preferences. So bear this in mind going forward.

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