Can Technology Help You Get Better at Classic Games?

Some classic games remain as entertaining as ever, but technology has changed the way we play them. The big question is whether it’s making it easier for us to play these games and get better at them or not. These examples provide an idea of how they’re changing and whether that makes them easier than before.

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Digital Games of Chance

Being able to play games like Chess and Monopoly whenever we feel like it should help us to improve our skills through practice. Mobile technology allows us to practise these games more easily while virtual reality and augmented reality bring the action to life as we learn. With quiz games like Trivial Pursuit, as you play online you will learn more answers to lots of questions.

Games of chance like Bingo remain unpredictable due to the use of a random number generator. We can see at that there are now many different versions of this game to try, with options including free games and jackpot bingo. While the new technology makes it easier to play online games with many other players in the same room, it doesn’t increase your chances of winning. Progressive linked jackpots are another advance in technology that means players can all compete for the same top prize that grows a little every time someone plays it.

Strategies and Tips Online

It’s easy to find strategies and tips online in forums, video tutorials and blogs. Even a complete newcomer to games like blackjack and checkers can find in a matter of minutes how best to play these games, which greatly cuts down on the time needed to climb the learning curve.

This series of Monopoly tips at reveals how aggressively developing property and focusing on orange and red properties are among the best moves, which could take a player years to work out on their own. You can find extensive Catan strategy guides online explaining strategies such as the Wood/Brick approach.

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Smart Board Games and AI

The list of smart board games – some of them with artificial intelligence (AI) – at shows us some fascinating ways of playing that could help boost your skills. It includes a chess set that hooks up to the internet to let you play against anyone anywhere on the planet to hone your skills. Another smart chess set has a built-in coach and AI pieces that move on their own.

New ideas like the Dungeons & Dragons virtual tabletop set and the Catan game with augmented reality promise to make the games more engaging. For the moment, there’s no indication which of these games will become easier to play because of the technology, but players will become more skilled if this way of playing encourages them to play more.

A lot of the new technology incorporated in our favourite games is making them more accessible and enjoyable, but not easier to win. Easy access to online strategies and tips means that we can decide whether to look for a little bit of extra help whenever we feel that we need it.

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