8 Apps for Organizing Your New Year’s Goals

The onset of a new cycle, such as the New Year, is an opportune moment to set goals, establish plans, and outline objectives. Whether it’s reorganizing life, realizing new projects, or simply setting new challenges, technology offers a variety of applications that can streamline this process. Here are eight effective apps to organize and track your goals throughout the year.


Todoist stands out as a task management tool. With the ability to schedule precise notes and set recurring appointments, this app allows meticulous organization of activities. Furthermore, its project section makes organizing and integrating with email and calendar services seamless and free.

Microsoft To-Do

Ideal for task lists, Microsoft To-Do offers features to organize personal or group activities. Its ability to attach files and integrate with emails makes planning more dynamic.

Google Keep

Google Keep is an option for free-form notes and task lists. Its simple interface allows easy note creation, content formatting, and even includes features to add images, audio, and drawings.


For managing personal and professional tasks, Any.do offers a clear view of activities. Its integration with various apps is a standout, although many features are exclusive to the Premium version.


Trello is a productivity tool for organizing projects. Its ability to manage cards and organize items into lists and columns makes it ideal for tracking New Year’s goals.


This app uses gaming elements to motivate goal accomplishment and the formation of new habits. With avatar customization and various goal categories, Habitica turns progress into a captivating game.

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Focused on habit creation and change, HabitBull assists in tracking tasks. Its customization capability and graphical presentation of progress make the process more visual and engaging.


Specifically aimed at smokers looking to quit the habit, QuitNow offers gamification features. Besides aiding in quitting smoking, the app calculates the savings generated and highlights health benefits post-cigarette abandonment.

Beyond these goal management apps, there are other options that aim to increase productivity and facilitate collaboration among people. With this array of tools, it’s possible to chart and track goals more efficiently throughout the New Year.