4 Key Elements of Good Game Design and Gameplay

A top-quality game needs multiple facets that bring out the best in-game designers, resulting in an elite product. While some designers are more adept at creating lifelike graphics or generating vast, sprawling, highly detailed maps, there’s never just one element of a game that has to be of a premium level; it’s a collective effort, and there are hundreds of people involved in the process of making some of the world’s most recognizable games. Gaming is a multibillion-dollar industry, and these projects take time, resources, focus and concentration to get right. So, although there are more than four components that top game developers will weigh up, we will cover those that usually dictate whether a game will be worth your attention or not.

#1 – Graphic Design

The interface and depiction of a gaming world are imperative for any game. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing a console game that is set in a fictional or semi-fictional landscape, a sports game that depicts players on a pitch, or a video slot game that has a vivid and engaging interface. Staying current with the latest graphic design can be tricky, but casino games, particularly slot machines, have a high success rate.

Since casino gaming can often be a case of quantity over quality, and the sector generates billions in profit, game designers have the money and time to implement the latest graphics and displays, and leave no stone unturned. Casinos understand how important it is to bring in as many bettors as possible, and slot games that implement the highest quality graphic design play an integral role in consistently bringing new clientele to their site. Chain Lightning combines the tried and tested base element of slot gaming with cutting-edge graphic design. Some of the top game designers in the industry are using a similar approach to their latest games, resulting in significant success for the industry as a whole.

#2 – A Well-Written Story

Although excellent graphic design generally surpasses the structure of a well-written game in the hierarchy of what constitutes a good gaming title, if a game is poorly written, it can take a lot away from the overall rating of the release. Clearly, this point doesn’t apply to casino games but the fact is valid across most of the gaming spectrum.

Even the best free-to-play mobile games often have a handful of storywriters and editors, and with more of the top smartphones accommodating those gamers who like to play games on the move, this is a burgeoning area of gaming.

Games such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption have multiple titles within their franchise that shine a light on the importance of a game having excellent design and gameplay, and a well-written story that acts as a foundation to familiarize gamers with the main characters and become invested in their arc, and by default, the game.

#3 – Repeat Value

Often, the difference between a great game and an elite game is that you can complete the latter several times without getting bored. Some console games have great design and gameplay, but once you have completed it, you don’t feel any genuine desire to go back through it again, and will move on to another game.

However, if you look at some of the top games of all time, such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the game was designed with layers. You could complete the missions, and then there’d be several side missions you could complete after the game, or you could roam around the in-game world, but you could also start a new game and complete the missions again, which gamers would do several times.

#4 – Medium Game Difficulty

Depending on your personal preference, the difficulty of a game can vary. Some people might enjoy games that involve a lot of strategy and problem-solving skills, and others may prefer a game that is easy to play and simply helps them unwind.

However, a key element of good game design can usually incorporate both these aspects, allowing players hours of fun combined with strategic planning and problem-solving that makes them think. For game designers, striking this balance is essential as their game will appeal to the broadest range of people instead of just focusing on one demographic.

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